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Hi, my name is Peter (aka. Nostalgia Nerd) and I have an addiction to nostalgia.

I happily admit to having an addiction to seeking out, buying, playing or just researching computers, games & software from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. Now this addiction is probably unhealthy left untapped, & I find it hard to justify keeping & expanding upon a collection of retro goods just for the purposing of basking in a room full of pure nostalgia, therefore, this site, is my outlet to share these things with you. It is essentially a fraught justification for me continuing to buy, hoard & just waste endless days on this stuff. Still we all have our vices don’t we? Mine just involves sitting amongst old junk.

It is my sincere hope that whoever visits this site or views my videos will get a true nostalgic kick. I spend most of my time making Youtube videos so please check out my channel there.

Email: peter[at]
Twitter: @nostalnerd

Nostalgia Nerd


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