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For most physical items in the real world, the operating system of choice are human hands. Although varying greatly in skill, they allow a user to interact with games and items that would otherwise be inaccessible.

1980’s Computers – eBay Unpacking #4

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It's that time again. The time I delve into my pile of unopened boxes and find out exactly what I've ordered from eBay (or alternative auction or selling outlets). If you like watching people open packages they've received through the post, then this video my friend is for you. I imagine you'll be enthused with [...]

Playmates Fun to Drive Corvette Dashboard

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This is a toy I stumbled upon a few weeks ago on eBay by complete chance. It's more famous rival, the Tomy Turbo Racing Dashboard is well known, however it's not the one I had as a kid. I owned this bessie. The Playmates Fun to Drive Corvette Dashboard is, in my opinion, better in [...]

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