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Chase HQ Arcade & Ports

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Watch the Video It's all covered here; Chase HQ Arcade, Chase HQ Spectrum, Chase HQ Amiga, Chase HQ Genesis, Chase HQ Master System, Chase HQ C64. All of Chase HQ, in all it's glory. Subscribe to Nostalgia Nerd on Youtube Man, I've been wanting to talk about this game for over 2 decades. Chase HQ [...]

Triple Double Dragon Versus

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Double Dragon! What a legendary game. Realeased in 1987 by Technos Japan, but distributed under the Taito name in Western regions. It was a spiritual successor to Renegade, and is seen by many as the first good co-operative scrolling beat 'em up. Double dragon spawned a plethora of home ports, including the Sinclair Spectrum and [...]


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