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Why The Mega CD / Sega CD Failed

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Watch the Video The Sega Mega CD, or Sega CD as it's known in the USA was an upgrade/add-on for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis which offered CD-ROM capability. Incorporating an additional Motorola 68000 chip, increased memory, and custom graphics and sound processing, the Mega CD was poised to be a massive leap forward [...]

Portable Storage Mediums Through the Ages

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One thing that never stays constant this life. One thing that is always changing, whether for good or bad is the Storage Medium. This short video will explore my personal favourite portable storage mediums from the 70s up until the early 00's... There's no such thing as a time past the mid 00's, so GET [...]

The Amiga CD32

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Where we do start with the Amiga CD32? Well, there's my personal feelings that I went into the other day. But this post is more about the story behind the CD32; how it emerged, where it succeeded and ultimately where it fell down. You can view the accompanying video for this article to your right, [...]


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