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Spectrum Next – A New Speccy?

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Watch the Video There was a time when we all raced to develop the latest and greatest technology. Now it seems we all race to develop copies of machines from 30 years ago. This time around we have the ZX Spectrum Next (From SpecNext Ltd - a UK based company set-up purely for this project).... [...]

Oric-1 Review

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Watch the Video The Oric-1 was an 8 bit micro from 1983 produced by Oric Products International Ltd and Tangerine Computer Systems. Released as a competitor to the Sinclair Spectrum, it never gained the popularity it perhaps deserved, but still gained enough momentum for a strong fan base. Apple is a trading name synonymous with [...]

Triple Double Dragon Versus

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Double Dragon! What a legendary game. Realeased in 1987 by Technos Japan, but distributed under the Taito name in Western regions. It was a spiritual successor to Renegade, and is seen by many as the first good co-operative scrolling beat 'em up. Double dragon spawned a plethora of home ports, including the Sinclair Spectrum and [...]


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