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GBR Thrifts, Ep. 4

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Now, although GBR Thrifts episode 4 was published a while back. I’m finally getting round to publishing everything to the Nostalgia Nerd blog, so forgive me if you’ve seen these episodes. GBR Thrifts is a very British take on thrifting, and indeed it’s only called “thrifting” as a nod to LGR Thrifts, which gave me the inspiration for my own bargain hunting sessions, and bargain hunting is pretty much what it’s called in the UK. We don’t even have “Thrift” shops… we have “Charity” shops. But we do have an equally large amount of tat to wade through (probably a whole load more), so without further ado, join me as I search car boots sales, charity shops and strange little outlets that can’t really decide what they are in search of retro computing goods, games, niche software, 80s memorabilia, 90s junk and other things inbetween! Let’s go thrifting!

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