Peter Leigh on Steph's Packed Lunch
Peter Leigh on Steph’s Packed Lunch (Channel 4) [@duncans_photos]

Hello, thanks for visiting my humble domain.

My name is Peter Leigh, and I’ve been an aficionado of retro technology almost my entire life; starting before it was even retro. Nostalgia Nerd is the vessel I use to share my passion with the world.

Since 2015 I’ve created hundreds of vintage technology stories on my YouTube channel, Nostalgia Nerd, amassing over 60 million views. I’ve written a best selling book called “The Nostalgia Nerd’s Retro Tech”, and I’ve featured in an array of notable web shows, radio & TV programs, conventions, live stage events and publications; all to highlight the excitement of vintage technology.

On this journey, I’ve been lucky enough to work with incredible creators and brands, including SquareSpace, FastHosts, Kaspersky Internet Security, SkillShare, Audible and MorningBrew, and also guest hosted at Primark’s Retro Clothing launch event in 2018.

But chiefly, I have the pleasure of being supported by and working alongside my superb Patreon community.

Today, as one of the UK’s premiere connoisseurs of technological heritage (you better believe it), I continue my quest to unlock the humour, joy and nostalgia held within these important fragments from our past, and ensure they remain cherished, not forgotten.

Basically, I’m a chap who gets excited by vintage tech, and I want to share that with you before it all falls apart.

The Important Part

But that’s more than enough about me. The rest of this website, and my YouTube channel are dedicated to the important part; the tech and the stories behind it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have spoken to many industry greats including the Oliver Twins, Joe Siegler, Carl Feynman & Jim Baggley; to name a few, and teamed up with incredible organisations dedicated to preservation such as The Centre for Computing History, Retro Computer Museum and Home Computer Museum.

But, there’s much more to come, and a LOT more to cover, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy what you find.

Get in Contact

If you wish to contact me, for any reason, please use one of the methods below;

Email: peter[at]nostalgianerd.com
Twitter: @nostalnerd
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/peterleigh/

Channel members can contact me through dedicated email or Patreon.

Peter Leigh (the Nostalgia Nerd) with various friends and computers