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Nostalgia Nerd Patron Rewards!

My Youtube channel and website are only possible because of my awesome Patrons. If you’d like to support me and the videos I create, you can do so at Patreon. In return you get my most humble gratitude, along with other goodies such as;

  • Exclusive videos
  • Suggestions inbox
  • On and off topic chat
  • Social media perks
  • T-Shirts
  • Monthly Nostalgia Boxes
  • You can find more out on Patreon, or below!

    T Shirts!

    Currently available to Patreon supporters who pledge $20 or more. You can grab an exclusive Nostalgia Nerd T-Shirt.

    Nostalgia Nerd T-Shirt

    Available in S,M,L,XL,XLL, these T-Shirts feature the Nostalgia Nerd logo in the finest quality vinyl.

    To get one yourself, head over to and click on the $20 Reward button. Enter your details, let me know your size and I’ll ship one out to you.

    You’ll also receive a load of other rewards in the process, such as exclusive patron only videos, early access and a suggestion inbox. Of course you’ll be helping support me and my channel. So it’s really appreciated and allows me to keep producing nostalgia inspired videos and content.

    Monthly Nostalgia Box

    I’ve started running a monthly Nostalgia/Retro box service, currently available through Patreon. If you support me for $40 or more per month, I will personally send you, each month, a box of retro inspired goodies. Hand picked by me and including things from my treasured collection, bespoke new items, retro inspired gifts, games cartridges, game tapes, and anything which I would personally be delighted to discover myself.

    Boxes could include (for example);

    • A Spectrum cassette game
    • 80’s trading cards
    • Figurines from the 80s/90s
    • Console cartridge
    • A new item that is filled with retro delight
    • An exclusive item I’ve had made just for box recipients


    I guarantee to make each of these boxes a treat. A bit like opening a present back when you were 9 on Christmas day.

    If you want to subscribe and help support my channel in the process. Then simply head to and click on the $40 reward button! You’ll also earn yourself a load of other rewards in the process including exclusive supporter only videos, early access and a suggestion inbox!

    Thank you for your support! 😀



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