1980’s Computers – eBay Unpacking #4

It’s that time again. The time I delve into my pile of unopened boxes and find out exactly what I’ve ordered from eBay (or alternative auction or selling outlets).

If you like watching people open packages they’ve received through the post, then this video my friend is for you. I imagine you’ll be enthused with euphoria upon viewing and won’t even notice the noisy image quality or the fact that there’s no sound generated from ripping through the packaging itself… ahh, the magic of editing (to a limited extent).

If on the other hand, you’re not into watching people open parcels and in fact, don’t even appreciate opening your own parcels, then you can toddle off somewhere else.

This time it’s from the 1980’s, it’s light, it’s “professional”, it has real sound and full graphics (oh yes, FULL graphics)….. let’s find out.


Full review to follow.

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