FiFine USB Microphone vs. 90s Quickshot Mic

I recently felt the need to purchase a new budget microphone for my Youtubing purposes. The requirement was to accompany my Doom 2016 PC which is located downstairs. I settled on the FiFine USB Condenser Microphone from Amazon. It offers a 20Hz to 20KHz range, so should be able to pick up all sounds audible to a human ear, and it feels fairly robust. Also, it looks the part. The question is, does it sound the part?

That’s what this video aims to find out, but rather than a standard review, I thought I’d add a sprinkling of nostalgia and compare it to a Quickshot Internet Microphone from the mid 1990s. It’s the very same one I used for many years on BT Wireplay, for recording sound snippets to use in my Windows themes and for general messing about. So which one is best from these budget microphones?

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