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How PC Memory Evolved

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I’m pretty sure that some things I find utterly compelling, most people just couldn’t give a nat’s arse about, and this is one of those things. PC memory has followed a long and winding path, with numerous updates, revisions, speed increases and oddities, and it’s all these things combined which make the story an interesting and compelling curiosity of our IBM PC compatible history. I recall trying to work out whether I needed EDO RAM, Fast Page RAM, dual channel memory, etc, etc in the mid 90s, when I was looking to add a whopping 4MB of extra memory to my Advent 4250 PC, in order to make Windows ’95 just that little bit snappier. And this search for the best memory hasn’t stopped to this day. It happens the world over, with entire sites of benchmarking dedicated to it… so I guess some people must at least be interested.

Join me in this Byte Size video as I look at the history of our PC RAM, starting in the 80s with Dip memory, moving to 30 pin SIMMS, the 72 pins we all know and love and the latest advancements which have given us memory capable of shifting a whopping 20GB per second!

Here’s some pictures of memory to satisfy your retro electronic cravings (I know you get them, don’t lie);

Some 30 pin SIMMS from a Compaq 386

Some 30 pin SIMMS from a Compaq 386

Some RAM Modules

Some RAM Modules

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