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Sonic the Hedgehog Ringtones & Alert tones

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I put this video on Youtube recently, and it seemed to be pretty well received;

Really, it’s just a Sonic the Hedgehog ringtone, but the fact that it’s the drowning music, makes every single phone call pretty intense. It certainly makes me answer my phone before Sonic drowns! I mean, what sort of an arsehole would I be, if I killed Sonic whenever someone phoned me (thankfully it doesn’t happen that often).

So, given that it went down so well, I’ve prepared a few more “tones” for download below. Please feel free to download them and share this page amongst your social connections, so they too can reap the benefit of the Sonic ringtones and alert tones!

Sonic Ringtones

Sonic drowning music (my ringtone)

Right click and select “save as”: Download here

Sonic Alert Tones

Sonic Spinning Sign Sound (I use it for message alerts)


Sonic Gulping an Air Bubble (I use it for calendar reminders)


Music (For good measure)

And here we have the finest piece of music in all of Sonic… The Chemical Plant Zone!


If you fancy some Wallpaper like mine (who wouldn’t?)

Right click on this and “Save as”… (Sonic by Nathan Marino)


Feel free to leave a comment (if you spam, I’ll rain a torrent of spam upon you)…

  • Devin Thomas May 30, 2015, 2:30 am

    Thanks! I probably use everything except the wallpaper since I already have a Sonic wallpaper up! You’ve saved me plenty of time and effort! I only missed the phone once.. and that was because it was on vibrate 🙁

  • Louis October 22, 2016, 2:56 am

    Hey! Thanks for these great audio files

    I actually stitched a small bit of Chemical plant music & the sonic drowning sounds one after the other, so that the drowning arrives exactly before it goes to voice mail (20secs on my phone)

    Thanks again!



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