Unpacking & Unboxing Videos – Vintage & Retro Playlist

So, I tend to purchase a fair bit of retro goodness through eBay, at car boot sales, thrift stores, charity shops, etc…

Some of these precious items I re-sell on through my eBay shop, others I use to make videos or posts and some I just tinker with, play with and stash away in my collection.

However, I always like to keep a record of these items and make it into a shareable experience. So where-ever possible, I create unpacking and unboxing videos for the retro things that I think are of interest to share. Think of them as mini Christmas day recreations from when I (or you) were 8 years old. That’s how I think of them!

The only difference is the lack of festive wrapping paper. Except at Christmas, when I might wrap them in the finest 80’s Christmas paper for added excitement (yeah, really, I’m not joking – don’t judge me!) – instead replaced by usually over zealous (or sometimes, absolutely terrible) eBay packaging.

Most items come boxed (which will be noted in the video description) and complete with the original gubbins you would have opened them with in the 70s, 80s or 90s. Others are just unpacking videos, where the equipment falls out all over the place.

The Playlist

Rather than creating a post here about each video (after all, how much can you really say about an unboxing video?), I’ve instead opted to create a playlist of my current unpacking & unboxing videos. Most of the videos I accompany with relevant decade or chiptune music and light commentary (depending on whether I can be bothered) for added nostalgic effect.

I’m adding to this list all the time, so please subscribe to my channel or check back regularly to find out what more retro goodies I’ve laid my hands on.

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