Who Dares Wins II ZX Spectrum

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Who Dares Wins 2 for the ZX Spectrum is an overhead combat game involving you, a lone soldier, blowing the living hell out of a plethora of enemy troops, units, planes, tanks, trains… you name it.
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When I think back to my 8 bit engulfed youth, there are a few games that are etched into my mind, and Who Dares Wins II is one of those games.

As is evident from the title, this is the second game in the series, although the first is an elusive program released in 1983 by East Midlands Software. The second outing, published by Alligata Software in 1986 is a much more familiar title.

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Taking an overhead perspective, and armed with a rifle and 5 grenades, your mission is to make your way through occupied territory and deal with the enemy amongst townships, rivers and rail tracks whilst freeing captives from your own forces.

Now, although it doesn’t look much by today’s standards. There was something remarkably evocative about those razed, derelict buildings and the skill required to take out enemies through windows, hiding behind boulders or even poking out of swamps.

Who Dares Wins II Release and Re-Release

As a lone soldier dealing with multiple foes, mortars, jeeps, planes and bloomin’ tanks, it’s a tough game, reminiscent of Arnie’s Commando scene and it requires lightning reflexes, but it’s also forgiving enough to be playable and utterly addictive.

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