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Ghost Castle was a 1985 board game released by MB Games in 1985 int the UK. It also went under the names (with slight style variations of), Which Witch (US, 1970), Brivido (Italy) and the rather hilarious Spookslot in the Netherlands. Reminisce over this family favourite with glowing skulls, scared stiff masks and a group of meddling kids as they explore this spooky castle, in this short but sweet 1 minute review.

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Search for Ghost Castle on UK eBay at or Which Witch at There’s even a new version available…

Back before we had 3D Video games, we had something equally as exciting. 3D Board Games.

Normal board games relied on a flat board layout, maybe with some accessories to place around the board as well as your playing pieces. But during the 70s and 70s, 3D board games became big.

One of my favourites was Ghost castle released by MB games and based around the game “Which Witch” released in the US during 1970. Both games hold the same layout, with four large rooms separated by cardboard walls fixed into a central plastic chimney.

Scared Child Staring the Game

You take control of your chosen child, from a selection of four. You then proceed to navigate through the house through a dice roll and spin on each turn.

If a spin lands on the dreaded skull, then you simply place it in the top and wait for it to fall out of one of 3 random exits. If your player happens to get taken down by a trap triggered by the falling skull, then you have to go back to the start of the room.

Ghost Castle Skull




You can also get scared stuff and be locked out of the game until you spin a foot to continue.

Ghost Child Scared Stiff

The ultimate goal is to be the first person to get up those stairs and shut the drop hole for the skull in the shape of a coffin.

Once that’s done, you can have a nice cup of tea and go to bed.

Footprints on Floor

Eyes in the darkness

Ghost Castle Cover

Grab yourself a copy on eBay for about £15 if you’re lucky.


Dropping the Skull

Giant Rat Eating Bones

Search for Ghost Castle on UK eBay at or Which Witch at There’s even a new version available…


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Excellent guide to Ghost Castle! That’s really brought back some happy memories, especially the closeup photos. Thank you!

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