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Retro Gamer Magazine, Load 154 is today’s perusal material, featuring Quake’s 20th Birthday, a section on Renegade, Desert Strike, Commodore’s Vic 20, StarStrike, the man Stuart Cox and various other charming gems of nostalgic knowledge. Join me and the summer sun as we skim through the main points of interest in this monthly feature.

Ahhhhh, Summer sun… What could be more relaxing than sitting here, drinking a…. wait… what was that?

Retro Gamer Load 154…. Mmmmmmm, better take a look.

Welcome to the latest issue of Retro Gamer Magazine, and my quick perusal of the said contents.

We begin with a fitting tribute for Quake’s 20th birthday… and damn do I feel old. The contents briefly explains the contents to us before we’re whisked into the all too familiar Coleco Chameleon… Ahhhh, don’t you miss the days when you could just shove a video capture card is a semi-translucent box and call it a working prototype?


Following on respects are quickly paid to David Marshall, the late coder of early 80s flight simulations.

In the collectors corner today we have Rick, and Rick is estimated to be worth between $50-60,000 dollars. He also has a brand new IBM 30 PC… the lucky bastard.

Back to the nineties reports from 1999, which is still too recent so we move onto The feature that is 20 Years of Id Software’s almighty Quake… and what a game it was. I still remember the first time I attempted to play this game on my 486DX/2, only realising it wasn’t a slideshow when I upgraded to a Cyrix 6×86 later that year.

Next we have the Ultimate guide to Renegade, the early first brawler which paved the way for Double dragon and many a scrolling fighter since..


The beautiful 1040 Atari ST is featured in Hardware heaven, looking far more white than my yellowed example and immediately on the proceeding page is Star War… no, it’s 3D Star Strike and StarStrike 2, an 80s 8 bit game which was clearly heavily influenced by a certain film trilogy… and I’m not talking about Aliens.

Next, The Sega Saturn shows of it’s expansion slot.

Cobra is presented to us.

As is Atic Atac


And the story of Microids, who brought us such treasures as Grand Prix 500cc and Super Ski.

The Vic 20 is up next, a machine which often doesn’t get the praise I feel it deserves… and talking about praise, Desert Strike… What an epic game of flying marvellousness.

Battlezone is discussed on the Atari Lynx, which feels me with slight contempt as I still can’t find my Mk1. Lynx.

There’s a feature on Dead or Alive, Croc, Stuart Cox who gave us many a Spectrum game, talking of which… here’s Popeye… a game I spent a great deal of time playing in my pre-teen years, but never really making progress. A memory familiar with most Spectrum games, given the lack of save functionality and my young age… but I still loved them to buggery, none the less.


After some Homebrew the magazine wraps up with a tantalising Sega Logo in preparation of the next issue and Cyber Up as the end game.

And so concludes this issue of Retro Gamer Magazine. Join me next time for hopefully more sunny weather and Load 155.

Thanks for watching, and goodnight.

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