A Commodore PET Phone is on the Way

Now clearly the real Commodore is no more. The company was sadly defunct in 1994 whilst pushing the Amiga CD32, and at the time still producing the Commodore 64! Since then the brand has passed from company to company, with Commodore USA holding the brand recently so it could ship out Commodore branded PCs.

Now, suddenly, into this bold new world of fancy touch screens and software with so many layers it would keep your grandmother warm, comes a new Commodore phone! Yes! More specifically, the Commodore PET smartphone. Apparently licenced by Commodore Business Machines LTD – a company registered in the UK on 03/03/2015 (Wired, even seem to have had their hands on one, so it looks real). ZOMG, you might say.. but before you get too excited and pee your pants (it’s happened already hasn’t it?), you should probably come to the realisation that this won’t be a Commodore phone running on Commodore BASIC 1.0. It will of course, just be a smart phone with the Commodore badge slapped on the back. But at least it looks cool, right?

The new Commodore PET phone
The new Commodore PET phone

The current specifications include…. oh, who am I kidding, I don’t really give a shit. It’s new hardware, not the stuff I’m interested in. But suffice to say it will be a competent Android smartphone with some sort of multiple core processor running at a number of hertz in the giga range.

Apparently, you’ll also be able to change the colour of the covers, AND it will ship with the Commodore 64, V64 emulator, as well as an Amiga emulator. So at least you get that.

Throwing my sneer aside for a few seconds, it’s a pretty cool thing, and it’s good that the Commodore brand will keep going in some form or another. Initial stocks are expected in France, Germany, Italy and Poland, with availability looking to expand over time.

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Suffice it to say, that I am a fan of the “Commodore” particularly the “64” breadbox and I’m very interested in the Commodore Pet phone, especially since it will have the 64 and Amiga emulators on board!! Any idea of the $$??

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